Baskets handcrafted by the members of the Salt Spring Island Basketry Guild
Salt Spring Island Basketry Guild

Welcome to the Salt Spring Island Basketry Guild

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The Salt Spring Island Basketry Guild was formed in 1997 by a group of interested basketmakers and collectors. The Guild meets regularly to share basketry skills, educate members about the traditions of basketry, and encourage and inspire each other through:

  • guest speakers on basketry-related topics, such as the history of basketry, basketmakers' travels, and professional basketry artists and their work
  • hands-on learning of traditional and contemporary basketry techniques for all levels of experience
  • special workshops with well-known instructors
  • material gathering and preparation
  • field trips
  • social events
  • opportunities to show/exhibit work
  • information on basketry-related events offered by other groups
More detailed information on Guild activities can be found on this website, including this year's Program and upcoming workshops, how to become a member, a Guild history detailing past events, and links to Guild members and other basketry organizations.

Fall/Winter 2019/2020 Program Year

With the days getting shorter and the leaves turning colour and falling, it is time for the new 2019-2020 basketry year to get underway. This fall we are offering a Back to Basics for our newest members and our members who want to have a refresher course in basic techniques. In November we will be hosting the first of three workshops - this one on making a base. In the new year we will have the second workshop on different weaves up the sides and a third one on making rims. We will also be making Japanese wrapped temari ornaments to be sold at Wintercraft with proceeds donated to the Food Bank. The first session is on Sunday, Nov 3 from 10-3.

In 2020 there are a few events in the works. In the spring, Kailey Yearwood will be teaching a chair rush seating workshop and Debbie McClelland will return to teach a flax weaving workshop. Planning is underway for a joint guilds' weekend show in May at Mahon Hall. Eva Seidenfaden, from Denmark, returns in the summer so stay tuned for events with her.

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The Salt Spring Island Basketry Guild aspires to
Encourage, Educate and Have Fun!
Join us!!

basket made by guild member Judy Goodman
Judy Goodman
Heather Martin-McNabb basketry guild member
Heather Martin-McNabb

The Basketry image at the top of the page includes work from the following basket makers (left to right):
Joan Carrigan, Donna Cochran, Judy Goodman, Donna Cochran, Heather Martin-McNabb, Joan Carrigan

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